Meet the Best Dressed Dog on Instagram

Chango, a pit bull from Chicago, can pull off a fedora better than any living dog. Or human being for that matter.

We do our best to stay up—and alert you—of any and all mammals flexing noteworthy style on Instagram, whether it's a little kid, elderly men, or in this case, an incredibly stylish dog.

This is Chango. Or as he's known on Instagram, "Changothehandsomepittie." From tracksuits and gold chains to nerd glasses and a peacoat, there isn't much he can't pull off. So, you know, watch out, Menswear Dog, there's a new canine on the scene. You may want to do a closet audit.

H/T to Buzzfeed for alerting us to this stylish pooch.

Photos: @changothehandsomepittie

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