Channel Your Inner Angelina With This Maleficent Makeup Tutorial

Who said costumes are just for Halloween? With Disney’s Maleficent in theaters May 30 it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up—and the many vloggers of YouTube agree. User Promise Phan, recently shared this unbelievable transformation using products from the limited edition Maleficent MAC Collection. With red-rose lipstick and pencil, dramatic false lashes, a smoky eye shadow quad, and a sculpting powder for major angles, the collection includes everything you’d find in the villain’s makeup bag. We’re especially amazed by the razor-sharp cheek line Pham creates with her expert contouring skills—watch closely to pick up tips you can apply to your everyday looks as well. Although this 2014 look varies slightly from the animated (and green) Maleficent seen in Disney’s 1959 adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, this current take is still just as scary—and even more chic. Finish off the look with some horns, practice your evil laugh. And you’re well on your way to emulating this summer’s most talked-about evil queen.

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