A DIY Adventure For Every Skill Level

While we love the idea of refurbishing a 500 year-old chair, most DIY projects end up being labor-intensive, time-consuming undertakings that end in frustration. Enter: For the Makers, an NYC-based company that makes crafting easy by providing all the materials you need and step-by-step tutorials. There’s a project for everyone, whether you’re a DIY amateur or veteran. To prove it, we asked three Birchbox staffers to test out different kits and share their handmade success stories:

Level: Beginner

The Crafter: Amary Wiggin, Marketing Copywriter
The Project: For The Makers Lucia Necklace
Final Results: Within a matter of seconds, the DIY newbie pieced together this capsule necklace packed with shimmery Swarovski stones. “I was thought I just had bad DIY juju, but I was shocked by how easy the steps were to follow,” Amary says. “I love the necklace. It’s the prefect blend of modern and classic.”

Level: Intermediate

The Crafter: Maura Lynch, Associate Editor
The Project: For The Makers Sophia Headband
Final Results: After 10 minutes of weaving, a coral raffia headband bedecked with rhinestones emerged. “Keeping the beads steady was a challenge,” says Maura, “but once I got the hang of it the project was a breeze.” The headband was a little too girly for Maura’s edgy aesthetic, so she’s going to a gift it to an uber-feminine friend.

Level: Challenging

The Crafter: Ally-Marie Corliss, Assistant Editor
The Project: For The Makers La Pouchette
Final Results: The chic leather pouch, which is the perfect fit for her iPhone, was easier to make than DIY-challenged Ally expected. One tip she picked up: “Next time, I think I’d pay special attention to carefully cut the leather to give the pouch a sleeker appearance.”

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