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Style · March 5, 2015

Conan Nails His Cuban Debut in a Sharp White Suit

Who will become the first late-night host to air from the island nation?

Last night, Conan OBrien claimed the prize.

The broadcast included various clips of Conans Cuban escapades: He visited a Cigar factory, fraternized with the locals, and even danced the Rumba. What really grabbed our attention, though, was his hosting ensemblea crisp white suit paired with a vest, blue shirt, lime-green tie, and a Panama hat.

Though a great homage to the local culture, this look may not be the most flattering on a fair-skinned ginger like Conan. But its his sheer commitmentcomplete with a few lines of shaky Spanishthat makes this moment one for the Late Night archives. And, true to form, Conans milking it for all its worth. Check out his suit (and some of his shenanigans) in the video below.

h/t Esquire


Kate Canary