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Grooming · March 3, 2015

Here's Why You Should Always Have Concealer in Your Dopp Kit

For Dark Circles

Long night at the bar? That cup of coffee might give you a jolt of energy, but it wont keep you from looking like a partied-out panda bear. If you need to look presentable, apply a small dab below each eye, then blend gently with your ring finger. (Most concealers are liquid-based, but we used the spill-proof, twist-up Camo Concealer from Menaji for the above before-and-after.) The dark circles will disappear, and you can successfully avoid those pandering Long night? inquiries from colleagues.

For Breakouts

While people may call attention to tired eyes, theyll certainly keep mum about that zit thats taken residence on your chin. To avoid any awkward glances, apply a tiny dot of concealer over the blemish, then blend it into your skin to cover any redness. If youre hiding a broken pimple, just be sure its fully cleaned and scabbed over before you apply any concealer.

Use It After Moisturizing, or Try Tinted Moisturizer

Always apply moisturizer before concealer; the cover-up should be the topmost layer. However, you can get a 2-in-1 punch by using a tinted moisturizer, which delivers a matte, somewhat-darker tone, without making it look like you applied a fake tanner.

Dont Forget: Pick the Right Shade

The concealer that works best in December is going to be much lighter than the one that works at the height of summer. Be sure to pick one that blends seamlessly into your skin tone, instead of one that makes you look like an inverted panda bear. After all, concealer is supposed to mask your problems and not create new ones.