Countdown to Oscars 2014: 3 Red Carpet Poses You Can Do in Real Life

“The whole idea of the red carpet is to look like a bumped-up version of yourself,” US Weekly’s beauty director Gwen Flamberg told us earlier this month. Inspired by Flamberg’s advice, we’ve studied the poses of our red-carpet heroes to bring you three stances you can implement in your day-to-day photo ops. Prepare to wow your Instagram followers with fierceness.

The Angled Arms

Possibly the most popular of red carpet poses, this position emphasizes the waist and engages the arms to create a figure-defining silhouette. Use both arms, or, if you’re feeling saucy, lean your weight on one hip for a figure-defining contrapposto.
Red-carpet mascots: Kerry Washington (pictured above), Taylor Swift

The “Standing Leg Cross”

Narrow your appearance by casually crossing one leg over the other, which both slims the hips and engages your calves. One word of warning, however, too much tension in the crossing of your legs can take this pose from “big break” to “bathroom break.” Tread lightly.
Red carpet mascot: Rooney Mara (pictured above), Camilla Belle, and Dakota Fanning

The “Over-the-Shoulder”

“Who me?” This is the sassiest red-carpet posture, reserved for only the pros. Position your body 90 to 180 degrees away from the camera and turn your head to face it, adding a coy smile. Not only does this pose’s angular nature flatter all body types (and highlights a killer profile), but it adds a coquettish flare to even the most pedestrian photo shoot.
Red carpet mascot: Keira Knightley

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Photo: Kerry Washington: Ian Gavan / Getty Images Entertainment, Rooney Mara: Mike Pont / Film Magic, Keira Knightley: Dave J Hogan / Getty Images Entertainment

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