Cream Blush Demystified

You’ve got powder blush down, but shy away from cream-based formulas because you’re scared of looking like a smeary clown. Fear not — cream blush is an easy way to warm up your face and emphasize cheekbones, while giving you a healthy rosy glow. Beyond that, cream blush gives your flush staying power — read on to learn how to master it.

Why Cream Blush?

While cream blushes require a little more effort to blend, they’re the best way to get a dewy, natural look. Perfect for dry skin, creams will provide a flush of color that powders can’t, and the extra pigmentation means no need to reapply when you spring from the office to happy hour.

Application Tips

For a foolproof application, use a medium blush brush to pick up a little color. Keep in mind a little goes a long way and you can always layer on more. Smile to locate the apples of your cheeks, and start there. Move upwards with smooth strokes along your cheekbone all the way to your hairline. Continue blending to blur any lines, it should look like you’ve just finished a brisk walk.

Mix It Up

Instead of going for a standard smokey eye look for special occasions, try a bright rosy cheek. It looks great paired against the season’s minimalist neutrals. The hue of the season (as per Pantone, the shade of the season) is Honeysuckle, a hot pink color that is pure fun.

Expert Tip:

You can also use your fingers instead of a brush to apply cream blush. Makeup pro Nam Vo prefers this method because the warmth of your fingers helps the blush blend into the skin. Pick up just a bit of blush on the pads of your fingers, smile, and apply to the apples of your cheeks. Then, blend, blend, blend upwards along your cheekbone. For the most long lasting blush, apply a cream blush followed by a powder blush to set your cheek.

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