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Inside Birchbox · May 7, 2015

Eat Like a Kid and Other New Mom Wisdom

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Be nice to yourself. It's so easy to feel like you're flailing around, trying to figure everything out and raise a child on little sleep. Giving yourself a break is probably the most important lesson I've had to learn.

Appreciate Your Partner

One of the more unexpected joys [of motherhood] has been watching my husband become a father. For someone who had barely spent any time around babies, he's such a natural and [is] doing such a great job as a parent.

Maximize Your Downtime

When you have a baby, you're kind of beholden to their schedule, so I've been forced to maximize the moments she's sleeping or being taken care of by my husband. Now, it's all about efficiency. Whereas something would have taken me several hours in the past to complete, now I try to finish things in much less time.

Allow Yourself to Primp (a Little)

I don't wear a bright lip or a winged eye every day, but I try to at least put some effort into how I look each day. It's just a much more streamlined process.

Do What Works for You

Our daughter sleeps best when she's wrapped in a swaddle and has a full stomach, which has allowed us to get seven to eight hours of sleep at the two month mark. Every baby is different, but I feel that food and comfort are a great combo for getting more sleep. Also, naps throughout the day. Sleep brings about more sleep!

Eat Like a Kid

Schumans go-to meal when shes strapped for time? A peanut butter and honey sandwich.


Maura M. Lynch

Burt's Bees addict. Watches way too much TV. Has never turned down a french fry.