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Hair · August 11, 2015

Get the Curls You Want with the Right Curling Wand for You

The Look: Mermaid Waves

The Curling Wand: SARAPOTEMPA Beachwaver

Getting perfectly imperfect tousles can be a real hassle without the right tooltoo small of a barrel will leave you with Shirley Temple ringlets, too big can result in a limp wave. When looking to create texture, we use The Beachwaver, which is the best way to create perfectly spaced waves that fall just like they do after a day at the beach. Just choose your curl direction (select R for the right side of your head and L for left), clamp a one-inch section, and press the go button to make the rod rotate. Once your hair is wrapped all the way around, unclamp to let go of the curl. Finish with a texturizing spray for a piece-y look.

The Look: Defined, Natural Curls

The Curling Wand: Amika Modern Curler

If you want to define (read: defrizz) curls for a pulled together look, reach for a wand like Amikas 1.8-inch barrel version, which will create loose, smooth spirals without taking fullness from the top of the head. After prepping your hair with a heat protectant, take small sections and wrap each one around the iron in the direction it naturally curls. Leave hair wrapped for about three to four seconds, release, then tug the ends of hair to loosen the curl. Apply a smoothing oil with your fingers and shake your head back and forth for a natural, lived-in look.

The Look: Bombshell Waves

The Curling Wand: CHI Air Curling Iron 1

For Victorias Secret-style waves, use a classic curling iron with a clip. Unlike a wand, the clip will help you achieve a soft, flat curls that, when brushed out, turn into flowing, voluminous waves. To get the look, start at the front of your head and grab a one-inch section of hair and curl from the ends towards the roots. Keep hair wrapped for 10 seconds, unclamp, and hold the ringlet in your had for three to five seconds to allow the curl to set. Gently brush out the curls with your fingers and seal with hairspray. (To make this style last, check out this guide to restyling your curls.)

The Look: Major Volume

The Curling Wand: Sedu 25mm Clipless Curling Iron

On days when dry shampoo alone wont cut it, add volume to your style with a clipless iron with a one-inch barrel (or larger). Create volume by wrapping hair from the root down midway through the length of your hair, leaving about an inch at the bottom. This will provide lift on the top of your head and body throughout. Use it around your whole head or just in the areas that need a little boost.


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