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Skincare · May 6, 2015

The French Skincare Line That Made Me Feel Like Its Okay to Splurge

I was first introduced to Darphin at the stately Consulate General of France, set right on 5th Avenue across from Central Park. I was a wide-eyed 23-year-old assistant editor and this was my initiation into the glamorous and sweet-smelling world of beauty press events. We sat on velvet poufs, sipped sparkling water with lemon, and learned about the storied French brand and its cult skincare products. I left with a bag of their most popular products, feeling like Id wandered into Alices wrinkle-free Wonderland.

When I got home, I eagerly unpacked my new treasures and lined them up in the bathroom of my teensy apartment. The shapely frosted glass bottles, the blissful scents and plush formulas, even the incomprehensible (to me) French nameseverything about my new regimen was unfamiliar and bewitching. I used my new products religiously and, in the process, developed my lasting appreciation of skincare (especially serums). Not only did the texture of my complexion improve noticeably, my obsession with the products made me prioritize my morning and evening routines. I actually started to enjoy the time I spent cleansing and prepping my skin.

Over the years, Ive tried more than my fair share of serums, but I still credit Darphin with turning me into a skincare lover. (And for convincing me it's worth investing in high-quality brands.) That's why I'm over the moon that we've finally added to them to the Birchbox Shop. Not only are we sampling some of Darphin's bestselling serums, like their Hydraskin one, but we've cherry-picked their most popular products to add to our catalogue. My top picks: the Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream, which has the exact right consistencyslightly bouncy, like a gel, but with a silky lotion feeland absorbs easily; and the Chamomile Aromatic Care, a gorgeous blend of essential oils that gives my skin a smooth texture and calms puffiness and inflammation, which is especially nice in the mornings. Old friend, its lovely to see you again.


Erica Smith