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February 13, 2015

Data Says That This Type of Guy Is “Mr. Right”

Thanks to our friends at Esquire, we're feeling ten feet taller: According to science (and we love data), the "ideal man" isn't an Adonis after all. He's actually quite imperfect. Let's all do fewer crunches at the gym this weekend, guys.

In a roundup of reports about what draws women to men, writer Ryan Bort offers evidence that "Mr. Right" (that is, Mr. In-It-for-the-Long-Haul), possesses the following characteristics, among others:

He's got facial hair, usually heavy stubble: Beards are often perceived seen as signs of fertility.

He's short: Studies claim that shorter men work harder, both inside and outside of the house.

He's less attractive than his partner: Thus, he works harder to maintain the relationship, knowing he is playing up a level or two.

He's close with his parents: A good relationship with Mom and Dad yields a better relationship with a significant other.

He's not hung up on love handles: Research says that most men want to have a higher BMI than their partner. What this means is that their fitness goals are usually relative to those of their significant other. If his partner isn't chasing six-pack abs, he'll also feel less inclined to do it.

In summary, it seems like "Mr. Right" isn't shallow: His physical "imperfections" make him perfect, and his priorities are well-balanced and centered on having a healthy relationship with both himself and his significant other. No surprises here: Nice guys finish first.

via Esquire


Adam Hurly