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Hair · June 26, 2015

The Only Hair-Slash-Body-Wash Youll Need This Summer

Theres something magical about the shower you take after a long day at the beach. You know the feelingyour muscles, tired from swimming, finally relax; and as layers of salt, sweat, and sand rinse away, you can start to see evidence of subtle golden highlights in you hair and (in my case) some freckles on your shoulders and nose.

This summer, Im joining my family for our annual week at the beach in Florida, and Im planning on making the most of my shower time with the help of Davines S Hair & Body Wash, a shampoo-cleanser hybrid specially formulated for skin and hair that has been exposed to the sun. As a shampoo, it upholds the brands sustainable approach to hair care, gently cleansing and hydrating to repair any damage done with antioxidants from locally sourced Chinotto di Savona extract, a nourishing Italian fruit. Though I was a bit skeptical about using a body wash in my hair, my chin-length bob looked even shinier than normal post-shower. If your hair is naturally very dry, spritz on the S Hair Milk, a leave-in conditioning formula, to soften your texture.

As a body wash, Ss clear formula foams into a citrusy smelling shower gel that softly washes away layers of ocean water and sunscreen. In addition to its nourishing properties, Chinotto di Savona extract also works as an anti-inflammatory, soothing any sensitive areas you may have missed with SPF and moisturizing your skin to help prolong your tan.

Even though my trip to the coast is still a few months away, Ive already started using the two-in-one formula after working outits just the right amount of suds and hydration I need post-sweat session. Turns out this luxe shampoo and moisturizing body wash is the only bottle youll need to last you through summers adventures, near and far.


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