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Hair · January 7, 2015

The Anti-Frizz Kit Every Curly-Haired Girl Must Try

Im a creature of habit when it comes to my hairI used the same gel for almost a decade, if thats any indication. As anyone with unruly curls will tell you, once you find something that works, you stick with it. But in the spirit of the New Yearand the fact that Im introduced to new products every dayI resolved to buck up and try a completely new regimen.

Id been curious about Devacurl for years (their New York City salon is curly-hair mecca and their products have a cult following) so I picked up their Discovery Kit. Its like an appetizer sampler of their bestsellers, all of which are designed to fight frizz and create definitionthe things my curls desperately need in a natural way. I started by washing with the No-Poo Cleanser, a lather-free formula that doesnt strip your curls of their natural oils. It smells minty fresh (theres peppermint oil in there) and felt like it was pre-conditioning my curls. I followed it up with the One Condition, which has a creamy texture that immediately softened and detangled my knots.

The biggest departure from my usual routine was using the Deva Towel instead of my terrycloth onenormally I have to re-dry my hair several times but with this super absorbent one I only had to keep it on, turban-style, for a few seconds. Ill never use a regular towel again! Im a gel die-hard, so I applied their Light Defining gel the way I usually do (raking it through my curls before diffusing them) and was pleasantly surprised by how bouncy and defined my hair was for the rest of the day. Youre supposed to use the Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam in place of the gel but I scrunched some into my curls after diffusing to keep the curls in place and prevent flyaways.

To be completely honest, Ill probably revert back to some of my old curly ways (I cant say goodbye to my trusty gel and will never stop diffusing). But I will be incorporating some of these new products into my 2015 routinethe no-poo has already earned a permanent place in my shower.