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Makeup · June 24, 2015

Makeup for Dewy Skin

Prep and Prime

Its important to start with the smoothest, most hydrated skin possible. Use a damp beautyblender to blend a moisturizing primer (we like Smashbox Cosmetics' Photo Finish Hydrating one) all over to set the foundation for your future glow. For added radiance and coverage, follow up with a light-reflecting BB cream like Jouers Luminizing Moisture Tint, using your still-damp sponge to dab and blend the product over your entire face.

Start Strobing

Skip bronzer and blush for creamy, liquid highlighters to add definition to your face with a technique called strobing: dip the smaller end of your beautyblender or a synthetic brush into a pearlescent formula like RMSs Living Luminizer, and trace a C-shape around each eye, starting at the temple and ending on the cheekbone. Then, swipe the product on the bridge of your nose, just below your brow bone, on the inner corners of your eyes and blend again. If you have oilier skin, highlight with a sheer powder like W3LL Peoples Luminist Mineral Glow instead to control the level of shine.

Strategically Place Powder

Apply a light dusting of powder foundation with a satin finish like W3LL Peoples Altruist Satin Mineral Foundation to absorb any shine in the T-zone, which tends to get the oiliest. Be sure to use a soft, fluffy brush to ensure all the sheen doesnt gather in one place, then leave the rest of your face (especially your cheekbones!) glossy and glimmering. (If your skin is naturally very dry, you may want to skip this step.)

Add Shimmery Touches

To play up the post-steam room glow, use your fingers to dab a moisturizer with some luster like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream along your cheekbones and on your eyelids for a high-gloss finish. Finish the look by dotting a clear or nude-tinted lip gloss in the center of your lips. Rehydrate and refresh your look throughout the day with a few spritzes of Smashbox Primer Water when your dewiness starts to fade.


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