Diamond Dust Polish: Behind the Super Luxe Nail Trend

We’ve seen plenty of nail polish trends, but nothing is quite as high-end as the latest craze. If you love shine and sparkle as much as we do, you’ll go crazy for gem dust-infused lacquer (and you don’t have to be a celeb to afford it). So put aside that glitter—it’s time to talk diamonds. After all, they’re a girl’s best friend.

The Lowdown

Gem dust is the extremely fine byproduct created from cutting diamonds and other precious stones. Used in many applications, from construction saw blades to TV technology, these miniscule gem particles have recently made their way into beauty products. The extremely hard dust coats nail files for sharpness and longevity, and it's now showing up in polish to add sparkle while strengthening nails and preventing chips. Gem dust doesn’t flake off like standard glitters and is easier to remove.

The $250,000 Manicure

Kelly Osbourne first brought the trend to our attention at the Emmys in September with her super shimmery black manicure. The polish? Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish, priced at a whopping $250,000. This exclusive lacquer (there’s only one in the entire world) packs serious sparkle, with 267 carats of real black diamonds in the bottle. While admittedly (way) over the top, Kelly’s red carpet look certainly made us stop and stare.

For The Rest Of Us

Kelly’s extravagant manicure and Rihanna’s $5,000 four-carat ruby polish are way out of reach, but you can still ride the trend without mortgaging your life away. étoile polish is infused with genuine diamond dust and comes in five versatile shades that dry to a chip-resistant finish. Asscher is a creamy white inspired by the diamond cut that shares its name, while Frosted Berry is a rich, shimmery pink that pairs perfectly with any holiday outfit. They’re sparkly without being over-the-top and are priced for mere mortals. Also try the Designer Series from OPI, enhanced with diamond dust for light-reflecting, multidimensional color. And if you’re really lusting after those black diamonds, you can buy a retail version of Kelly’s polish yourself for a fraction of the original cost.

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