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Grooming · March 9, 2015

Thinking About Back Hair Removal? These Are Your Best Options.

Shaving Your Back

Specially designed handles make using just-for-your-back razors and body groomers a breeze. Follow the same routine you use for any other hair: Exfoliate beforehand, use a high-quality shave cream, and soothe any irritation with an aftershave balm. For best results, try shaving in the shower and blaming your roommate when the drain clogs.

Depilatory Creams

Spread on these lotions (think Nads or Nair), wait five minutes, and wipe back hair away. As long as youre dealing with easy-to-reach areas (or have a helper for those tough spots), the process is as easy as that. But steer clear of depilatory creams if you have sensitive skin: Their chemicals can provoke harsh reactions, and unlike at the gym, you dont want to feel the burn. Most hair will regrow within 2-5 days after application, so it might be worth investing in high-end, over-the-counter creams if you want longer-lasting effects.

Sugaring and Waxing Your Back

No pain, no gain, says the aesthetician who is about to spread hot wax or sugar paste onto your skin and then rip it off again. Despite their unappetizing setup, waxing and sugaring are two of the most common salon services for men. The popularity comes from their ease15 minutes and 50 dollars make you hair-free for a month. Be sure to use an antibacterial body wash afterwards to clean off any sticky residue.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment is best for one kind of customer: the dark-haired, light-skinned gent who doesnt mind suffering for his smoothness. A beam destroys hair roots over several sessions, giving results that can last for years. Lasers dont just hit hard at your follicles, though: A single session can cost a couple hundred bucks, so it will also get you in the wallet.

Do Nothing

No hair removal method is as convenient as simply letting it grow. Stars from Roger Moore to Seth Rogen have showed off their naturally hairy backs, so why shouldnt you?

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