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Fragrance · March 5, 2015

Smoke and Bourbon: How to Make Cologne with Ingredients from Your Wet Bar

Homemade fragrance is hardly a novel concept, but it's generally considered to be an advanced and complex art form. Jeremy Glass of Supercompressor has challenged that notion, crafting a wide array of hardboiled scents with a handful of simple ingredients.

His experiments produced a range of rugged aromas, from "Eau de Old Man" to Manhattan cocktails, but our favorite of the bunch involves the robust scent of tobacco. Here's the play by play:

1. Gather a tablespoon's worth of your favorite tobacco. You can use a loose blend, or extract some from a cigar.

2. Place it in a container with a little grapeseed oil, and let sit for an hour or two. The oil will soak up the tobacco's aroma without imparting its own.

3. Strain the oil infusion into a spray bottle filled with grain alcohola few small drops should do it. Bonus points if you add a dash or two of your favorite bourbon or bitters.

4. Spritz a bit of cologne on each of your pulse points, and savor your manly quintessence.

To check out the rest of Jeremy's recipes, read the full article here.

Photo via Supercompressor


Nathaniel Nagy

Copywriter, cold brew advocate, purveyor of handcrafted birthday haikus since 2009.