DIY Kits in the Birchbox Shop: You’ve Got this Made

Get crafty with Birchbox's new DIY Shop category.

My inner DIY-fiend recently came out of hiding during a conversation with coworkers—and now that I've been fully exposed, I’m completely free to be craft-nerd me.

So I personally couldn’t be more excited about our new DIY Shop category featuring products from For the Makers (self-proclaimed “one part magazine, one part coolest craft store ever”). Sure, I love shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry or well-designed pouch, but there’s something to be said for moving from “Oh, I could make that” to “Oh, this? I made it.”

Inspired by these new additions to our Shop, I decided to have a bit of a crafternoon to create my own masterpiece…or three. Note: Each kit comes with almost everything you need, but you’ll need your own clippers and pliers.

I will never have enough necklaces, so I started with the Linda Link necklace. This chic minimalist piece was easy to create, and it goes with everything. (I'm not just saying that: I put it on as soon as I made it and I haven’t taken it off since.) Then I moved on to the Maneater Link Bracelet—with a name like that, I obviously had to try it. In less than 30 minutes, I'd created a jeweled standout, with stones in ruby, amethyst, and coral. Rounding out my DIY day was the Jo Post Earring Set. I’m a sucker for all things small and sparkly, and this pair is no exception. The eclectic mix of gold and iridescent crystal is a refreshing twist on an everyday classic.

The best part? Did. It. Myself.

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