DIY Your Way Organized with Chalkboard Wallpaper

The urge to get organized this time of year is undeniable. Rolling up your sleeves and actually doing it? Well that sounds hard. Unless, that is, it involves this ridiculously-easy-to-use Peel and Stick Chalkboard wallpaper from Chasing Paper. Founder and DIY extraordinaire Elizabeth Rees devised three chic ways to apply the paper to various objects (including a Birchbox!) to help you get your things in order for spring:

Project 1: Chalkboard Birchbox Catch-All

Upcycle one of your Birchboxes into a place to stash odds and ends or keepsakes.

Materials: Scissors, chalk, Chasing Paper chalkboard paper, Birchbox
How-To: Measure and cut the chalkboard paper to fit on top of your Birchbox. Peel off the backing and apply. Store your treasures, knick-knacks, and other miscellany.


Project 2: Chalkboard Tablecloth

Hosting a dinner party? List the menu items and make seating arrangements by covering your table with the paper.

Materials: Scissors, chalk, Chasing Paper chalkboard paper
How-To: Lay down a few panels of the paper on your dinner table (it’s ok if they overlap). Do NOT peel and stick. Your place settings will anchor the paper down. Next: Annotate! Write your seat assignments, draw arrows to where certain dishes will be placed, or let your guests get creative.


Project 3: Chalkboard Frames

Never lose track of essentials by marking their spot with these frames (keys, phone, wallet).

Materials: Picture frames, Chasing Paper chalkboard paper, chalk, scissors
How-To: Choose frames you love—big, small, new or old. Remove the glass and frame backing, then place it on a piece of the chalkboard paper and trace around the edge with chalk; cut it out. Write whatever you’d like the frame to display with the chalk. Place the paper back into the frame and replace the backing.

Looking for more DIY ideas? Try these easy organizational hacks—your cluttered bathroom counter will thank you!

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