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Celebrity · July 27, 2015

Update Your Cat-Eye with the Dot Eyeliner Trend

You've already spent hours mastering the cat eye, and now it's time to show your lower lash line some love. After popping up on the runways last year, dotted eyelineraka tiny circles of liner dotted along the lower rims to make eyes look bigger and brighteris finally having its real-life moment. Spotted on everyone from cool-girl Zoe Kravitz to some of our favorite beauty bloggers, the look proves that a tiny dot can make a bold statement.

When it comes to dotting, less is more: Start with a smooth base and defined brows, and opt for minimal mascara on the lower lashes. Use a black felt tip liner like Club Clio Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black or gel liner like stila's long-wearing formula to draw one or more dots under each eye, directly underneath your pupils. (If black feels too dramatic, try a subtle version with a shimmery purple or navy blue.) Complete the look withwhy not?your favorite polka-dot dress.


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