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Inside-out · February 6, 2015

Why Ceramides Will Save Your Skin From This Miserable, Cold Weather

When talking about my perpetually flaky skin, I often slide into a tone that borders on melodramatic: My face is more parched than the Atacama. Ive tried only using cleanser at nighttime, Ive tried water-replacement masksbut the only product that has seemed to cure my patchiness is Dr. Jart+s Ceramidin Starter Kit, a complementary liquid serum and creamy moisturizer, aka my dry skin dream team.

I first discovered Dr. Jart+s dermatologist-developed ceramidin formulas a few months ago while researching the always-ahead-of-everyone Korean beauty market. After reading borderline love letter reviews about their ability to restore moisture to chronically dry skin, I was in. Its all about the ceramidesfatty lipids naturally found in your skin that help it absorb and retain water molecules (and make it look dewy and glowy). As you age, ceramides begin to disappear, drying out your previously plump skin.

Which is why Ill never go another day without these twin formulas, which are loaded with ceramides to soothe, rehydrate, and plump. After washing my face, I apply three stripes of Ceramidin Liquid to my pointer, middle, and ring fingers, then I pat it in lightly all over my face the way I would a serum, concentrating on my cheeks and the corners of my nose, which are the first to fall victim to winter dry spots. The formula also contains skin-soothing ingredients like aloe and licorice extract to reduce inflammation and rednesstwo of my other dry skin woes.

Once the liquid dries, I use a similar technique with the soothing Ceramidin Cream. It has a thicker consistency than your typical face cream, but absorbs quickly and feels super light. Like the liquid, its crammed with ceramides and after a few minutes my skin looks dewy and feels noticeably softer. Its a great option to moisturize your skin pre-makeup, use as a night cream, or (as some reviewers have pointed out) a wintertime hand cream.

Ive been using the two for over a month now, and Im honestly amazed. Regular use (once pre-SPF and once post-nighttime cleanse) has made my dry patches disappearand Im convinced my complexion looks healthier and brighter each week. Who knows, maybe by spring my melodramatic, my-face-is-a-desert proclamations will be a thing of the past too.