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May 20, 2015

No Buyer's Remorse Here: Keep Things Interesting with “Drunk Shopping” Texts

This service is so on point for our "Write Your Own Adventure" theme in June. The idea is simple: Just text "heyyyyyy" (yes, six Ys) to 551-333-7865. Then, every Saturday night at 2 a.m. (so technically Sunday), you'll get a text prompting you to purchase something uniquely bizarre. Half the time, it's worth it for the story alone. That post-bar pizza comes and goes in a matter of minutes, but a Nessie soup ladle stays with you forever. As the team at Drunk Shopping puts it: "Buy your sober self a nice surprise."

Should you ever regret a purchasewhich we doubtjust text STOP (just one P), and they'll leave you alone.

Even though these guys are on to something, we promise to never send you similar Birchbox emails at odd hours of the night. (We're too busy devouring that pizza.)


Images via Drunk Shopping

H/t Supercompressor


Adam Hurly