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Drink · March 12, 2015

Can a Vitamin C-Spiked Cocktail Really Cure the Common Cold?

The recipes themselves sound delicious, from bourbon and mint spiked with citrus to a black cherry-infused Chianti. Add in Emergen-Cs effervescent kick, and youve got yourself quite a cocktail. But before we officially condone fighting influenza under the influence, were breaking down the facts.

Pros: Alcohol can have curative effects: Its a natural antiseptic, and certain varieties have other healthy virtues. For ages, gin was considered a form of herbal medicine due to its botanical contentand even used to ward off the plague. Whiskey was often prescribed as a cough suppressant. While youd be hard-pressed to find a modern doctor condoning medicinal alcohol, centuries of anecdotal experience dont lie. After all, who hasnt reaped the benefits of a grandmother-prescribed hot toddy?

Cons: Hydration is the single most important factor in recovering from illness and, as we know, one of the main things depleted by alcohol. So if you must imbibe while under the weather, consider drinking two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink, instead of the recommended one glass. But it goes without saying that moderation is key: Drunk sleep is not restful sleep, and after hydration, rest is your second line of defense against sickness.

Conclusion: If youre in good health, wed recommend trying these ingenious tipples any day. But if youre truly ailing, proceed with caution. Always listen to your body instead of the devil on your shoulder saying, How often do you get to stay home on a Tuesday?

Photo by Anthony Humphreys via Supercompressor


Kate Canary