Epidermal Energy: An Editor’s Tale

Energy is a hot commodity these days. From coffee to vitamins to those little 5-hour shots they sell near the drugstore cash register, it seems everyone is clamoring to be alert all day long. Note: as a twice-a-day Starbucks addict, let the record show that I am not separating myself from this group.

Yet when it comes to skincare, the term “energizing” can raise an eyebrow. Such was the case when I first received a sample of NUXE MEN's Moisturizing Multi-Purpose Gel. While NUXE is a high-class brand, I still couldn’t help but be a little skeptical of its “energizing” claim. A quick application, though, and I began to understand. The gel contains rare extracts like phellodendron and hornbeam that not only moisturize but also provide a slight tingle and cooling sensation. Plus, it has a mattifying finish that’s perfect for guys like me who are vehemently anti-shine.

While I wasn’t exactly ready to run a marathon, my skin definitely felt a little more alert than it did 5 minutes prior. And at this point, when it takes two Venti coffees just to get me through the workday, what more can I ask for from a moisturizer?

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