Birchbox Man Editor Awards: A Stylish Alternative to Flip-Flops

Top-notch grooming is one part product, one part proper technique. So in support of this month’s “Best in Show” theme, the BB Man editors have ponied up their finest grooming insights. One editor explains why espadrilles are the perfect choice when it comes to summer foot coverage in the big—and grimy—city.

If you see a man in New York City wearing flip-flops, he has one of three excuses:
A.) He is walking to the laundromat just around the corner.
B.) He just moved from Santa Barbara within the past six days.
C.) He has lost his mind.

Big cities are sticky, smoggy, and grimy. When it’s 90 degrees outside with 500% humidity, you want to wear the lightest clothing possible. While this means less clothing in general, the feet—being rat-level to the earth—still need coverage from sidewalk grime.

Enter espadrilles. castañer mens espadrilles They’re 700-year-old Spanish staples, with sturdy, braided-rope soles, and canvas or cotton fabric to cover your feet. The most popular model, pictured above, is simple in structure, though I’m keen on these desert-boot inspired espadrilles from Castañer, which really amplify the style cred. Regardless of your preference, wear espadrilles with bare feet or some no-show socks, and you’ll keep your toes cool all summer. More importantly, you won’t need to soak your feet in the tub when you get home from the corner laundromat.

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