Everyday Meditation

On our busiest days, it seems impossible to catch our breath, let alone maintain inner peace. We asked Elena Brower, founder and co-owner of Virayoga in New York, for simple meditation tools that can be used for staying calm, energized, and relaxed in everyday life.

During Your Rush Hour Commute

Count your breaths. Try this 1:4:2 breathing technique. Inhale for one count, hold that breath spaciously in your body for four counts, and then exhale for two counts. Practice a few times. Then double it; inhale for two counts, hold for eight counts, then exhale for four. Then, double that; inhale for four, hold for 16 while opening your body to make more and more space to hold that breath, then exhale for eight counts.

This is incredibly healing. It can help regulate our hormonal and immune systems, provide energy for our nerves, heart and lungs, and also give us something to focus on.

When You're Running to Happy Hour After a Long Day

Practically speaking, hydrate. For energy, I like to put a stick of Yoga Earth Balance into my water for extra Vitamin B and electrolytes.

Also, try taking a Reiki pause: place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Breathe until the intensity and velocity of your breathing is even in both places. This is a super efficient way to get truly grounded. I love it when I only have two minutes.

When You're Taking Care of Everyone But Yourself

Schedule your time. Period. Make it a sacred law that this is your time.

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