Everything Has Changed: Taylor Swift’s New ‘Do

Last night we were swiping through our Instagram feed in bed (as we do, every night), and jolted upright when we passed a post by Taylor Swift. "Short hair, don't care," she commented beneath a Polaroid of herself with a new shoulder-skimming bob (!) next to pal Ellie Goulding. T. Swift had pulled a fast one on us, seamlessly transitioning from the girl with perfectly long, flowy waves, to a fun new 'do (reminiscent of her friend Karlie Kloss's chop from a while back, perhaps?).

The good news is, Taylor's fresh new look is easy to pull off for just about any length of hair, thanks to the wonder that is the faux bob. Watch our tutorial to learn how to trick lengthy locks into a mid-length bob. Already have a similar cut? Follow Birchbox staffer Whitney's advice to style it into a mess of fun, bouncy curls.

In the meantime you'll find us revisiting Taylor's duet with Ed Sheeran, "Everything Has Changed," in our headphones, thinking about it in a whole new way.

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