Fall Beauty Trends

You’ve packed away your sundresses and Havianas, and made your last batch of summery gazpacho. Along with cozy fall sweaters and boots, it’s time to try on seasonal beauty looks. Here, our favorite fall trends and how to make them work for you.

Purple Reign

From aubergine lips to neon violet eyelids, the Fall 2010 fashion shows seemed to have a one-track color mind. We’re not complaining – purple works on a wide range of skin and hair tones. Learn how to wear saturated purple eyeshadow with our guide or watch our video tutorial. Not ready for full-frontal color? Deborah Lippman’s “Bad Romance” is a deep purple lacquer embedded with fun flashes of pink sparkle.

Crimson Tide

Red lips never go out of style. This season’s high fashion incarnation is matte and bold. And, with hues ranging from fuchsia-leaning to orange-toned, the look can work on anyone. Get red lip lessons from Lipstick Queen Poppy King in our beauty dare.

Buns Away

Hair stylists went a bit bun crazy, turning out models in scalp-scraping ballerina-style knots, romantic loose chignons, and messy twirls. Color us thrilled: we love any excuse to get our hair out of our faces and these updos are practically dummy-proof. Watch our hair teasing tutorial to get extra volume for whatever bun you choose.

Bold Brows

Gone are the days of pencil thin arches. Real women have dark, emphatic brows that frame their eyes. Makeup artists took the trend to extremes (witness pastel-dyed brows at Balenciaga) but we are happy with beautifully shaped and groomed brows. Watch our video on mastering eye-opening brows.

No Makeup

Another year of runway shows, another year of impossibly pristine and seemingly barefaced models. The “no makeup” look is a perennial favorite and you don’t need to be a 16-year-old supermodel to achieve it. Start by mastering a natural-looking flawless face with our step-by-step guide.

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