Fend off Fine Lines With This Anti-Aging Night Cream

According to my research (read: bits and bobs of beauty advice gleaned from reading magazines and working for Birchbox), I’ve reached the age at which I’m supposed to start thinking about anti-aging. While wrinkles have yet to make an appearance, many dermatologists say that your mid-to-late twenties is the time to focus on prevention.

I recently had the happy accident of spying Havvn Night Cream on a coworker’s desk. Since some subscribers will be receiving a sample in their March Birchboxes, I thought I’d give a try. The first thing that caught my eye? The formula’s all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. There are no parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, or dyes, which meant I felt particularly wholesome when I applied it later that evening.

While the cream looks yellow coming out of the pump, it glides on sheer, and feels lightweight and silky. It has a slight herbal scent that I’m not used to associating with face creams, but that’s what you get with an all-natural formula. This one is packed with black seed oil, a traditional remedy used in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, which has antimicrobial properties that make it an excellent acne fighter. (At 26, I still need to fend off breakouts, so this was welcome news.) It also includes fatty-acid rich sesame seed oil, a stellar hydrator, and elderberry fruit extract, a natural astringent that minimizes the appearance of pores.

After applying Havvn’s cream several nights in a row, my complexion felt smoother and looked more even. Only time will tell if I age at a slower rate than my peers, but I’ll keep applying it in the meantime.

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