Feng Shui 101: The Command Position

You're the captain of your living space—arrange your furniture accordingly.

The ancient Chinese philosophical system of Feng Shui is a diverse and complex set of concepts, but one simple principle that's quick and easy to apply in your home is that of 'Command Position.' It’ll instantly raise the harmony levels in your bedroom and office spaces.


The basic gist of the Command Position: Make sure your bed and desk are positioned so that you can see the room’s entrance and your back is positioned against the far wall. Ideally, this placement is diagonal across the room from the door. This will allow you the widest scope of the room possible.


Just fifteen minutes of furniture rearrangement can make your outlook immeasurably more auspicious. You’ll feel more at ease in your space, more in control, and significantly less worried about someone sneaking up on you.

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Reference: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/applying-feng-shui-principles-to-your-bed.html

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