#FlashbackFriday: Kelis Edition

We’ve always admired Kelis’ danceable pop hits, futuristic style, and girl-powered moxie. Long before banning bossy was the cause célèbre, she was commanding our attention with heavy-hitting lyrics like, “You don’t have to love me, you don’t even have to like me. But you will respect me—You know why? 'Cause I’m a boss.”

Next week, the songstress is releasing her sixth studio album entitled Food (check out the track lineup here.) While we anxiously await her new jams, we're flashing back to Kelis circa the early aughts.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times—it was 2003. Pink velour tracksuits (preferably emblazoned with words like, “Sassy!” on the derrière) were king and Kelis’ "milkshake" brought all the boys to the yard. In era when teenyboppers with hair extensions ruled the airwaves, she fearlessly bucked the status quote and rocked a mop of bouncy ringlets. And her bright pink blush, contoured cheeks, and frosty eye shadow looks as fresh today as it did over a decade ago.

Kelis has gone on to rock some extremely questionable looks, but her glorious mane-meets-glowing skin combo still reigns supreme in our book.

(Photo: Arista Records)

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