Four Essential Makeup Brushes

From fanned and flocked to spooley and stippling, brushes come in a baffling array of shapes, sizes, and utilities. Unless you’re a pro, step away from that beguiling sable contouring number right now. Instead, invest in well-made versions of these four essentials.

1. Powder brush

This versatile tool works for translucent powder, blush, and bronzer (be sure to clean it frequently). Look for one that is nice and fluffy, with long, soft bristles.

2. Shadow brush

It’s time you graduated from finger smearing. Use a slightly floppy brush with downy bristles to apply color all over the eyelid.

3. Crease brush

A must for the sultry, smoky look, or for adding extra definition to the eye area.

4. Slanted angle brush

Like definition? Course you do. You need this stiff, flat brush for turning powder shadows into eyeliner, or for applying cream or gel liner.

Extra: Pitch hitter

When you need to cover up that pimple — and really cover it — use a synthetic concealer brush.

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