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Everything You Need to Fight Frizzy Hair

Bad news: We lose around 80 hairs each day, and frizz arises from the sprouting of replacement strands—meaning the danger of looking like Albert Einstein-meets-a-Flowbee isn’t going to dissipate anytime soon. And during the summer, humidity conspires to keep hair at all-time frizz levels. Before you give up and commit to a bun until September, hear us out: there are as many solutions as there are types of frizz. We asked Julie Dickson, founder and head stylist of New York's Fox & Boy salon, for frizz-fighting tactics for both straight and curly hair.

Get Your Protein

“Hair is just moisture and protein. If your hair doesn’t have the right balance of the two, it will feel dry,” says Dickson. In the summertime, she recommends focusing on the protein part of the equation to combat humidity, and avoiding volumizing and clarifying products, which can dry out hair. During winter, on the other hand, moisture-boosting products are key.

Styling Straight Hair

After shampooing, use (MALIN + GOETZ)’s protein-packed hair mask as a deep conditioner. Out of the shower, follow with a frizz fighter immediately. “You want to put something in when hair is still damp,” says Dickson. “Once the frizz is dry, it will stay there.” If you plan to air-dry, apply an oil like Number 4’s Lumiere d’hiver™ Fluoro5 Elixer™ Restore & Repair Oil from middle to ends of strands, and you should be good to go.

For those who can’t give up blow dryers even as the temperatures climb, heat protectants are crucial. “Not using a heat protectant of some sort is like going outside without sunscreen,” says Dickson. Try Number 4’s Blow Dry Lotion or amika’s Straight Up Smoothing Balm, and proceed with styling. To finish, mist Ojon’s damage reverse™ Restorative Finishing Spray into palms, and flatten strays near the forehead. Repeat this step later in the day, if needed.

Styling Wavy/Curly Hair

When it comes to curls, Dickson recommends a mixology approach, blending styling products, which hold the curls, with oils, which provide pliability and shine and help minimize the crisp factor. For loose waves, she suggests spritzing Beauty Protector’s light-hold Protect & Detangle on damp hair. Those with more defined curls might try evo’s liquid rollers curl balm, while those with tight corkscrews should opt for Curly Hair Solutions’ Curl Keeper. Blend the styling product with a couple of drops of Number 4’s Lumiere d’hiver™ Fluoro5 Elixer™ Restore & Repair Oil, which includes hair-strengthening proteins. No matter your level of curl, squeeze or spray products onto palms, and mix as needed. Rake fingers from roots to ends of hair, focusing on the area around the face to help minimize strays. To mold waves or curls, wrap a few sections of hair around the index and middle finger, and hold for a few moments. During the day, tame strays around the forehead by applying the styling product used earlier to palms and smoothing hair down.

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