Go Back to the Future with Vasanti’s Lip and Cheek Color Pods

As something of a minimalist, I’ve never really taken to powder blush—mainly because it requires a brush. I prefer something sheer that I can smooth on over my SPF and manipulate with my fingers, which is why cream blush has always been my bag.

After years of using a now-discontinued Sonia Kashuk blush stick (RIP, wonder product!) and searching in vain for a replacement, I’ve since discovered Vasanti’s Lip and Cheek Colour Pods, a gel-like blush that glides on easily and comes in a sleek package that wouldn’t seem out of place in the Jetsons’ abode—and I love that it's multipurpose for both cheeks and lips. Wider at the top and small at the bottom, the curvy pod fits perfectly between your fingertips for controlled application: The harder you press, the more intense the color. Once you’ve applied as much product as you want, you can rub the product in with a couple dabs and swipes of your fingers.

My favorite part of using cream blush is the natural-looking flush and subtle shine it brings to my face—you’d swear I’d just gone for an invigorating jog around the block. And the pods' three warm shades—Natural Light, Candle Light, and Strobe Light are perfect for adding a bit of life back to an office-bound, vitamin D-deprived visage.

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