Go Tubing: The Next Major Mascara Trend

Ever since 1913, when Maybelline introduced the world to mascara, the basic concept has always been the same: intensify lashes by painting color onto them. At least that was the thinking until about 13 years ago, when blinc came onto to the scene. Instead of coating lashes with oil-based pigment, blinc's a mascara that forms tiny individual tubes around each lash. While traditional mascaras are subject to running, smudging, and flaking, blinc’s tubing mascara doesn’t budge one iota for hours and hours. Since blinc made its debut, world-class beauty brands like L’Oreal and Too Faced have have developed their own tubing take. We caught up with blinc’s founder Lewis Farsedakis to learn more about tubing technology works and its benefits.

Technically Speaking

Unlike traditional mascaras, tubing mascara is made from an acrylic copolymer. Upon application, the copolymer binds together as it dries, creating an adhesive encasement around each lash that won’t wear off or flake.

Limitations and Imitations

Other companies have created their own versions of tubing mascaras, but they often overreach. “There is a limitation to how much volume and length you can generate with copolymers,” explains Farsedakis. “Companies tend to combine traditional mascara ingredients along with copolymers to try and achieve both things and there is a reduction in performance.”

Health Benefits

Aside from the aesthetic benefit of never again experiencing raccoon eyes, there are other advantages to going the tubing route. “Women who have sensitively issues from regular mascara aren’t necessarily allergic to the ingredients,” says Farsedakis. Instead, “they are having a reaction from all the gradual flaking throughout the day.” Since an acrylic copolymer doesn’t flake, it’s a great alternative for anyone who has a delicate eye area, as well as those who wear contacts or have recently undergone laser surgery.

Clean Removal

For anyone who hasn’t used a tubing mascara before, the first time you remove it can be a little freaky. The tubes release with a combination of water and light pulling, but it can look like your lashes are coming off in your hands. Don’t fear — it’s just the acrylic polymer, not your lashes.

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