Hack Your Box: 12 Ways to Make Your Birchbox Even Better

Whoever said, "There are no shortcuts to greatness" clearly wasn't a Birchbox subscriber. Here, we reveal the best ways to score easy money (aka Birchbox Points), take advantage of ridiculous deals, and generally make the most of your monthly subscription.

1. Easy Money: Review Your Samples

It pays to have an opinion. Make sure to review your samples every month—you’ll score 10 Birchbox Points per review, which can add up to as many as 50 Birchbox Points a month. That’s $5 to spend on full-size products.

2. Download the Birchbox App, Get 20% Off

Is that Birchbox in your pocket? We certainly hope so. Our sleek new iPhone app lets you bring our store with you everywhere you go. Plus, you'll get a 20% off code just for downloading.

3. Assemble a Travel-Ready Kit

Those mini shampoo and conditioner bottles in your box are TSA-approved! Use the empty bottles to store travel-size quantities of your favorite haircare products, cleansers, and even nail polishes—then toss ‘em in your carry-on for your next excursion.

4. Never Buy the Wrong Shade Again

Have you made the acquaintance of our Find Your Shade feature? From BB cream to tinted moisturizer to concealer, you can check out real Birchbox staffers to help you pinpoint the products perfect for your skin tone. Still confuzzled? Email our Discovery Specialists for a personalized shade recommendation.

5. Bookmark the Bonus Shop

It's 10 p.m.—do you know where your free samples are? Our Bonus Shop is teeming with freebies, gifts with purchase, and more—and we're updating it constantly. Don’t forget to swing by and see what you can add to your order without paying a dime extra.

6. Upcycle Your Old Boxes

That sturdy craft box is good for more than safely delivering your samples. From constructing a set of drawers out of old boxes to designing your own gift wrap, Pinterest is rife with evidence of our subscribers' DIY savvy. Stumped for ideas? Our in-house craft gurus have a few brilliant tricks of their own.

7. Pay Zero for Shipping

If you hadn’t heard, we offer free shipping on all the brands we sample in a given month. And that’s not just true for the products in your box: Every product from that same brand also ships free. Visit our Free Shipping category for the full list of products.

8. Brace Yourself for Mad Giveaways

Our Facebook and Twitter feeds offer exclusive giveaways and promos that we don't feature on our website. Think: hundreds of dollars' worth of Fekkai haircare products, or a $500 Rebecca Taylor gift card. What do you say—are we worth a follow?

9. Share the Love, Earn Points

If you're already singing our praises, you may as well get full credit for it. When you refer friends to Birchbox, you'll earn 50 Points for every pal who joins. We've done the work for you: Visit your personal referral page for an easy way to get the word out.

10. Start Looking Forward to Sunday

"But I never win anything!" If this sounds like you, then hop on over to our Subscriber Sundays game. Every week, you can play to win awesome prizes—from luxury haircare to the perfect eye shadow palette. Entering takes all of 10 seconds, and we crown 50 winners a week! Plus, every time you play you’re entered to win our megaprize: 10,000 Birchbox Points. But hurry—last chance to enter is March 29, 2014!

11. Help Us Help You

Make sure your Beauty Profile stays up to date. While we can't guarantee exactly which products will arrive in your box, we always use your Profile as a guiding star.

12. Disappointed? Tell Us, Tell Us!

Don't be afraid to give it to us straight. If a sample in your box broke in transit or you received the wrong shade for your skin tone, please let us know. Our Discovery Specialists are here to help!

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