Hair and Brow Do’s and Don’ts

So you’ve tweezed, waxed, and threaded those lazy caterpillars into Cara Delevingne-esque perfection—hooray! But once the stinging fades, you’re faced with a new brow conundrum: matching your brow hue to your hair color (natural or otherwise). Before you go crazy with pencils, powders, and tints, read these expert-approved color do’s and don’ts:

Don’t Play Matchy Matchy

When it comes to foundation and tinted moisturizer, the goal is finding a shade that seamlessly matches your skin tone. However, when it comes to hair and brows, brow whisperer Sania Vucetaj says you aim for a slight contrast, which will frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Kyle White, an expert colorist who works with A-Listers like Naomi Watts, says, “Nothing screams, ‘Dye job!’ like eyebrows that are the exact same color as your hair.”

Do Mask Pesky Greys

We’re all for owning silvery shades but when it comes to brows, it’s best to keep greys at bay. White says, “Your brow hue should enhance your eye color, and grey has the absolute opposite effect—even if your hair color is grey, take it out of your brows.”

Don’t Make Blonde Brows, Blonder

Blondes may have more fun but no-see-um brows can make your face look washed out. White says, “Pale blonde eyebrows will make you look like you have no eyebrows, and that's not a good look for anyone.” Whether you owe your honey hue to genetics or a great hair colorist, use a lightly tinted brow pencil to add dimension back to your complexion. Try INIKA’S Certified Organic Brow Pencil, which comes in two blonde-friendly shades.

Do Keep it in the (Color) Family

Opt for a natural look and keep your brows and hair color in the same tonal family. White suggests, “If you have golden blonde or brown hair, then your brows should have a warm tone to them. If you’re a sandy blonde or coffee brown, try a cool tone.”

Do Grab A Top-Notch Eyebrow Tint

To add some oomph to your arches, Jared Baily, Benefit’s International Spokesperson, suggests taking the brows one to two shades deeper than your hair tone. “This will help to create a nice full frame for your eyes,” says Bailey. You can pop over to Benefit salons for a professional brow coloring or try their new Gimme Brow, a next-level brow tint that delivers fuller, darker brows in just a few short strokes.

Photo: © Fairchild Photo Service/Condé Nast/Corbis

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