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Grooming · March 26, 2015

Mens Hair Paste: 10 Things You Should Know

1. It can be applied to dry hair for artfully disheveled styles, similar to waxes and clays.

2. It can also be applied to wet hair for slightly higher hold. Try this for a modern take on the slicked-back hair part.

3. It adds texture, whereas a cream (also good for wet and dry application) will give you a smoother, more polished style.

4. It gives you a matte finish. Creams, to make the most direct comparison, will deliver a glossier finish. Pastes provide a more touchable style.

5. It allows for re-styling. Most pastes give you reworkable hold, perfect for transitioning between the office and happy hour.

6. It adds volume to thinning or fine hair. It adds volume to thick hair too, but this is an obvious perk if you need the boost.

7. It is water-based. This explains the matte finish, and the solubility also prevents unhealthy product buildup that can choke and damage hair follicles.

8. It works in short hair if you want added texture but little hold. (Apply it to dry hair.)

9. Its perfect for medium styles if you want flexible hold. (Apply it to wet or dry hair, though wetter application will result in higher hold.)

10. It helps control wavy hair. When combed through towel-dried, wavy styles, paste provides more direction and control for otherwise-unruly locks.


Adam Hurly