The Red Bull of Shower Gel and Lotion

We all have a product in our makeup bag or on our vanity that has acted as a gateway to a brand’s awesomeness. What better way to get addicted to a new moisturizer or lip gloss than through one of your current faves? This column is based on that defining beauty principle—we’ll be introducing you to the fantastic sister products to the ones you already love. Up next, the exfoliating shower gel and body cream versions of the crazy popular Harvey Prince Hello and Ageless fragrances.

Why We Know You Love Harvey Prince Scents

A whopping 17,158 Birchbox subscribers have weighed in on the citrus-and-floral forward scents Hello and Ageless from Harvey Prince—and we can confidently report that they’re clear fan favorites. Hello gets rave reviews for its optimistic, summer morning-like blend of Meyer lemon, Satsuma orange, forsythia and pink plumeria. While Ageless, which has notes of pink grapefruit and mango, as well as jasmine, ylang ylang, and sandalwood, is crisp and energizing, without being overbearing.

Why You’ll Be Obsessed with the Body Cream and Liquid Loofah, too

A happy marriage of the refreshing, mood-boosting scents that make Hello and Ageless so popular and natural moisturizers like shea butter, plus olive, coconut, and sweet almond oils, the body cream leaves skin soft and hydrated. The liquid loofah has us belting out show tunes in the shower thanks to its combination of an energizing aroma and botanical cleansers (plus, it’s free of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals).

Why You Should Combine Their Forces

In a recent story about how to make your perfume last longer, we shared how layering fragrance will increase its longevity. Well, if you’re a Harvey Prince fan, you’re in luck because now you can suds up with the liquid loofah, slather on the body cream, then top it off with a few perfume spritzes. You’ll smell like a citrus-scented goddess for days—in a good way.

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