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Food · December 1, 2017

Healthy Twists on Your Favorite Holiday Fare


Made with whipping cream, sugar, eggs, and bourbonwhats not to love? How about the nearly 400 calories in a cup, all that saturated fat, and the impending food coma that comes after the second glass. Nobody needs to chase their prime rib feast with a beverage equal in calories to her meal. If youre a lover of this thick and decadent holiday treat, try this healthful eggnog smoothie version with all the same flavor you love, plus a boost of nutrition from banana and dates. Add a splash of booze for happy hour, or keep it sans spirits to swap it for your usual morning smoothie.

Green Bean Casserole

Why do we feel the need to create a casserole from such healthful, fiber-rich green beans and drown them in calories and fat? I guess thats what happens when you add a can of creamed mushroom soup and fried onions. Sigh. Try green beans with toasted garlic and save the creamy deliciousness for dessert. Youll love the modern and tasty take on the classic dishand so will your abs.

Pecan Pie

It's full of pecans and corn syrup and surrounded by a crispy, buttery crust. No wonder we love it! The good news: pecans are absolutely healthful and should be a part of your diet. But, keep in mind that ten halves are roughly 100 calories, so a little goes a long way. An average piece of pecan pie runs you roughly 500 calories and nearly 30 grams of fat. Rather than having all of that fat and sugar surrounding your precious pecans, let the nuts take center stage with a spiced pecan recipe that will totally wow your guests.


Lauren Smith