Heed the Winter Weather Warnings: Apply This Skin-Saving Body Butter

Birchbox PSA: Temperatures across the country are expected to reach epic lows this week! In New York City alone, we have single-digit temps to look forward to (and the Midwestern states have it much, much worse). I realize that my skin, already on the drier side, is going to need all the moisturizing help it can get. Luckily, I’m armed to the hilt with Whish’s Three Wishes Body Butter in Pomegranate. Some subscribers will even receive a sample in their January Birchboxes—just in time, I might add.

I realize that a great body butter can’t de-ice your driveway or keep your pipes from bursting, but it can protect your skin from some nasty cold-weather consequences. Rich in shea butter, Whish’s formula combines two things I love: non-greasy moisture and sweet-smelling pomegranate. Pomegranate, an antioxidant powerhouse, is great for repairing cracked, weather-beaten skin. In this creamy balm, the superfood teams up with organic seaweed extract (a skin-tightening agent), soothing organic aloe, and superhydrating organic raspberry butter to thoroughly quench dry skin.

Another reason I'm a fan: The fast-absorbing formula hydrates and softens without being oily. I keep a sample at my desk and apply it as needed—without worrying that I'll leave greasy streaks all over my keyboard.

If this Arctic outbreak continues, let’s just say that someone's going to be smelling like pomegranate for a long, long time.

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