How French-Milling Can Elevate Your Soap Game

Enjoy a good double-distilled whiskey? What about thrice-cooked pork belly You’ll probably want to try French-milled soap.

Way more than a simple marketing gimmick, the process of “French-milling” actually turns ordinary suds into smooth, velvety soap lather fit for a monarch. What makes it unique? It’s the manufacturing process, in which raw soap actually passes through steel rollers multiple times. This process is often referred to as “triple-milling” because the soap makes three passes before being molded into its final shape. The booze analogy is helpful here: In the same way that each successive distillation further purifies a spirit, evening out both the aroma and flavor, the result of the steel rolling results in a finer, more dense, and more smooth bar of soap.

Soap (inset)

To get the full effect, give French-milled Proper a test run. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you might also try to make your own at home (here’s a handy tutorial).

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