How I’m Getting Rid of My Terrible Dark Circles

There are two things that are a dead giveaway for exactly how tired I am: the number of mini-Kit Kat wrappers hiding in my trash can, and the severity of the dark circles underneath my eyes.

Since my packed schedule makes it particularly hard to steal some extra Zzz’s, one of the best tricks I’ve learned to fend off undereye bags is to vigilantly apply eye treatments every day. Plus, starting in my twenties means that I’m reaping the benefits of anti-aging formulas early and helping to prevent crows feet and long-term damage before it starts.

The latest treatment that I’ve added to my vanity is Korean brand Racinne’s Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum. This gel-like formula is packed with plant stem cells, adenosine and a host of other collagen and elastin-boosting ingredients. It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and most importantly helps prevent the buildup of pigments that lead to dark circles—a huge win for me!

I’m a pretty giant germaphobe (New York City subways will do that to a person), so I really like that this serum is packaged with a pump applicator instead of an open jar. I use the lightly rounded tip to swipe the product onto my undereye, and then use my ring finger to delicately dab the serum under my eye and sometimes onto my upper lid. (Tip: be careful that you only blend up to the orbital bone, and not into your eyebrow—otherwise you can inhibit brow growth!) Almost immediately after the formula sinks in I can feel my eyes feel perk up.

My favorite part of Racinne’s treatment, though, is that it has an almost non-existent scent that’s bright and ever-so-slightly floral. It’s the perfect way to perk me up after an overly long day.

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