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December 1, 2016

The Holiday Tipping Guide: Here is Who (and How Much) You Should Tip


Keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Give with class. Tuck your gift into an envelope with a short handwritten note and offer it in person. Crisp bills are best, but a check works, too.

2. Don't delay. The best time to tip is the very beginning of December. You want them to know youre thinking about them at the start of the season, and it will help curb their holiday expenses as well.

3. Know who not to tip. Your doctor and lawyer would probably prefer a bottle of wine over a crisp Benjamin. And, since you shouldnt send champagne to your kids school, give his or her teacher a gift certificate instead.

4. Speak your gratitude. Always remember to vocally tell them that you appreciate what they do. Thanks to these folks, you can expect many great years to come.