Common Cream Shadow Mistakes You May Be Making

Cream shadow seems so straightforward, with its velvety finish and long-lasting pigment. But fast forward a few hours and you’ve got a seriously creased situation on your hands (or rather, lids). How do you get it to stay put, and can you layer powder shadow, too? So.many.questions. Lest your pretty pots of pigment go untouched, here are some pro application tips from makeup artist Stefanie Syat.

Cream Shadow Pro Tip: Budge-proof it with a shadow primer

Using a targeted primer will make your shadow stay put—especially the cream variety. We applied Smashbox Cosmetics 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer to Birchbox Discover Specialist Jenieze Shields’ lids. It contains wax that bonds with cosmetics to give them longevity and infuses skin with hydrating ingredients like vitamin C.

Cream Shadow Pro Tip: Use a synthetic brush to apply it

“Always use a small, synthetic shadow brush to ensure a more even finish,” says Syat, “Applying the product with your fingers can cause streaking.” Even worse, the natural oils on your hands can degrade creamy formulas, causing them to crease. We applied Jouer’s Crème Eyeshadow in the plush Cashmere color with Antonym Cosmetics Cream Eye Shadow Brush.

Cream Shadow Pro Tip: Combine it with powder shadow

Layering a powder shadow like Jouer’s on top of a cream one will add some depth and dimension to your look, Syat says. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a deep shade like Espresso over a rich cream color like the one Jenieze is wearing to really pack on the pigment—and staying powder.

Cream Shadow Pro Tip: It doubles as eyeliner

A versatile stick like Jouer’s Crème Eyeshadow Crayon can be used to fill in your lid or, as we did with Jenieze, smudged along your lash line for dramatic effect—the navy charcoal Avant Garde shade provides an ever-so-edgy contrast.

Cream Shadow Pro Tip: Add some dimension

For bigger, brighter looking eyes, Syat recommends dabbing a brighter cream shadow in center of your lids. Gold or sliver hues also double as a highlighter. We applied Jouer’s Chiffon underneath Jenieze’s brow bone and to the inner corners of her eyes to complete (and illuminate) the look.

Learn how to match your eyeshadow to your eyecolor: Blue eyes, green/hazel eyes, and brown eyes.

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