How to: Apply Nail Wraps in 5 Simple Steps

So long, streaky polish and shaky hands! Whether you’re a DIY mani expert or a nail art newbie, these nail wraps from ncLA are shockingly easy to apply—just follow the five steps below.


Step 1: Prep Your Canvas

Apply a sheer base coat to all ten nails. We love Dreams Nail Lacquer Calcium Base Coat, which smooths and strengthens nails with a blend of vitamins and proteins. Wait until your base coat is completely dry.


Step 2: Size Up Your Nails

Choose the wraps that best fit your nail shape (each package comes with 26 wraps, in varying sizes). They’re smaller than they appear, thanks to the thin border around each sticker, so choose a size that’s wide enough for your nail.

Stick ‘Em Up

Step 3: Stick ‘Em Up

Peel off the nail wrap and line up the rounded edge with your cuticle (the little flap should be facing away). Starting at the cuticle, press down and stretch the wrap toward the tip of your nail, smoothing it out until it’s free of any bubbles or ridges. Apply wraps to all ten nails, or wear just one or two as an accent nail, and paint the rest of your tips a solid color.

File Away

Step 4: File Away

Use a nail file to buff away any excess material from the wraps, moving the file in a downward motion to keep things smooth.

Seal the Deal

Step 5: Seal the Deal

Your wraps will last a whole lot longer with a top coat. Choose something sheer, like ncLA’s I Like It on Top in Shimmer Me Pretty. The chip-resistant formula adds a hint of sparkle to your finished look.

And that’s a wrap!

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