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Career · April 3, 2018

In Pursuit Of: A Raise

Learn Your Company's Process

Every company is different when it comes to asking for and receiving a compensation increase. Who do you need to talk to firstyour direct manager or your Human Resources team? How often are your reviewsevery 3 months, every 6 months, or just once a year? When exactly are these reviews?

Once you have this sorted out, the structure will guide in you in how to start the process.

Do Your Research

Before you walk into any discussion about your raise, be sure to do your research! Use websites like Payscale and Comparably to gather information on what a typical salary range is for your position in your industry. Keep in mind that salaries vary by industry, company size, and your experience.

It's best to have multiple data sources so that you can get a better picture for yourself, and to build a stronger case.

Know Your Value

What value do you add to the position, team, and company? What impact have you already had? What are you doing outside of your given job responsibilities?

These are great questions to answer prior to your discussion, and great topics to bring up. We're sure everyone realizes how much of a rockstar you are, but sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader.

Choose the Right Delivery

Your raise discussion should be presented in a clear, mature, and organized way. Be honest and precise about your expectations so that your manager or HR team can clearly understand and help meet your expectations.

Don't compare yourself or your salary to others. It's not about how much a specific person is making, it's about how you are contributing to the greater good.

It is ideal to have an in-person conversation, but be sure to send a follow up email with the detailed research you presented during your discussion.

Give a Range Instead of a Specific Number

It's better to give a realistic range between X and Y rather than one number.

Women tend be a bit more conservative in their ask. Set a reasonable range in which the lower value is never less than what you need.

Keep Climbing!

You should be proud of yourself for doing your research, knowing your self-worth, and advocating for yourself! It's not easy, but is something that is so important to practice and own.

Keep climbing, ladies! See you at the top!

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Alexis Bridenbaugh