How To: Become a Pro at ‘Knolling’

Is there anything better than things organized neatly? No. No there is not.

The art of ‘knolling’—the process of arranging objects in parallel or at 90 degree angles—might seem a bit…frivolous. But a basic competency is essential for any fellow with an Instagram account. For advice on making our own delightfully satisfying 90-degree-angled object arrangements, we turn to artist Tom Sachs. According to him, knolling isn’t so much a skill as a way of being. Knolling is as simple and straightforward as breathing. He breaks it down like this:


To get started with knolling, we recommend tackling your desk sundries or dinner ingredients. Then graduate to knolling your weekend bag before you pack it up. When you feel comfortable, tackle the tool shed.

We leave you with a few of Birchbox Man’s greatest knolling hits:
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