How to: DIY Facial Massage

I’ve always sworn that facialists have magic hands. The way they massage exfoliators and lotions into your skin—applying just the right amount of pressure, pitter pattering their fingers across your face—leaves me in such a trance-like state, I (almost) forget about the painful extractions.

Turns out, there is a magic to the way facialists apply products—and it does more than relax you. Facial massage can help reduce puffiness and increase radiance, according to the skincare experts at British beauty brand Liz Earle. In the treatments at the company’s UK locations, their facialists employ certain techniques that have major complexion benefits. Here’s how you can try them at home:


The massage technique:

“The Sunrise”

What it does:

Reduces tension in your facial muscles, smooths skin in line-prone areas like your forehead.

When to do it:

Twice a day, during normal cleansing routine.

The product to use:

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

How to DIY:

1. Warm one pump of Cleanse & Polish between fingertips. Work it over the face and forehead using small, firm, circular motions—this will help relax muscles from multiple angles.
2. Then, using your knuckles, make small, circular motions along and under the jaw and beneath cheekbones. Apply a slightly deeper pressure here.
3. Spend at least one minute doing this each time you cleanse. Adding a little water will help the massage last longer.

The massage technique: “The Butterfly

Butterfly 1 Butterfly 2

What it does:

Applying moisturizer by using the entire surface area of your hands in symmetrical “butterfly wing” motions ensures that it’s evenly spread across your face and generates a healthy glow.

When to do it:

Every morning.

The product to use:

Skin Repair Moisturizer

How to DIY:

1. Take a blueberry-sized amount of your preferred Skin Repair Moisturizer and warm between your hands.
2. Massage from the neck upwards, using the length of your fingers over the cheeks, chin and forehead in symmetrical gliding strokes.
3. Finish by sweeping the heels of your hands slowly upwards from the jawline with a steady pressure to stimulate circulation.

The massage technique: “The Midnight Rose”

Midnight Rose

What it does:

Simulates blood flow before bedtime, bringing a nutrient boost to skin cells and ensuring that skin is refreshed by morning.

When to do it:

Every evening.

The product to use:

Cleanse & Polish or Skin Repair Moisturizer

How to DIY:

1. Press your thumbs against your inner brows. Push up and hold for 10 seconds.
2. Use your index and middle fingers to push up under cheekbones, press and hold for 10 seconds then glide out.
3. Pinch along the jaw with the thumb and forefinger. Hold each point for 5 to 10 seconds.
4. Don’t forget to treat your neck too—press and hold all your fingers under the collarbone and work outwards for blissful relaxation.

Bonus massage tips

To reduce eye puffiness:

The skin around your eyes is significantly thinner, so use swift ‘pitter patter’ motions with your fingertips when applying products there to rejuvenate tired-looking eyes.

To brighten complexion:

After applying the Brightening Treatment Mask, use brisk pinching actions all over your face with your thumb and forefinger to give the surface an even more radiant appearance.

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