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Travel · May 14, 2015

This Genius Travel Hack Is the Next Best Thing to Flying for Free

Throwaway ticketing is a method of hacking your travel itinerary for the cheapest possible fare. Sites like Skiplagged allow travelers to book supercheap flights to undesirable destinations with layovers in much more desirable destinations. By simply skipping the second leg of their trip, theyll arrive at their intended locale for much less loot than if theyd booked a direct flight.

Scott Keyes, an expert in nearly-free travel, spoke to Business Insider about the site, which is among his favorite travel-hacking resourcesbut frugal flyers can do this anywhere they can book a layover. Keyes offers the following essential tips to know before you try it yourself:

Skipping a leg of your trip automatically cancels the remainder of your itinerary, so never attempt this on a round trip.

Throwaway ticketing is totally legal, but be discreet: If a particular airline is onto you, it may deny you boarding or issue a fine.

If you do get caught, be honest. Lying about throwaway ticketing could be considered fraud, but the activity itself is innocent enough (and, you have to admit, pretty brilliant).

h/t Business Insider


Kate Canary